Our new story podcast, Tiny Tales with Tiny Ideas, will be on Spotify and here from the 22nd August! Episodes will be released every week in the six week run up to Tiny Ideas 2024.

Meet some of our Tiny Ideas creatures and explore Oxford with our friend Miranda as she goes on mini sound adventures around town! Written by award winning podcaster and actor Miranda Keeling, Tiny Tales with Tiny Ideas is recorded binaurally in some of our favourite places around Oxford.

Sound recording: Robin Gallardo-Parsons / Script editing: Ceri Ashcroft

Ask your grown-up to sign up to our mailing list by emailing [email protected] to get a letter in the post from Queen Spots the Ladybird or Wordsmith the bookworm.


Click here to listen to PARK! our specially commissioned Early Years album all about our local parks by the fab Little Seeds Music!


Listen here to India Shine, a beautiful spoken word commission for children by dancer and writer Celestina Banjo!

Festival Map

Right-click and 'save as' to download the Tiny Ideas festival map.

Early Ears

Listen to Fill Your Boots, our wonderful Early Ears Commission by musician Hannah Fredsgaard.



Early Eyes

Our Early Eyes 2022 commission was Oxford in a Spin, a magical automaton by Chris Michael with mooing cows, roaring dinosaurs and a twizzling shark on a roof!

Colouring Sheet

Right-click and 'save as' to download the Tiny Ideas colouring sheet.

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